Residential Carpet Cleaning | Central New York, NY

Residential Carpet Cleaning | Central New York, NY 315-225-2338Oscillating Pad Extraction/Encapsulation carpet cleaning also known as “OP” or “Pad-Capping” is the most effective way to clean carpets currently available. The cleaning occurs through four separate steps. First, A thorough HEPA Vacuum will remove much of the dry soil from the carpet . 80% of the dirt in most carpet is generally loose, dry soil; the other 20% is the greasy soil that is embedded into the carpet fibers. An encapsulation cleaning product is then sprayed on with a low moisture sprayer. Next an oscillating pad machine with a damp cotton/synthetic blend bonnet pad is used to absorb the soil and gently scrub the carpet clean. After the initial cleaning, any stubborn spots and stains are addressed and removed if possible. In about one hour, any remaining encapsulation product will dry into a crystal form. The product crystallizes so all moisture that was put into your carpets comes out. It is then easily removed with your next routine vacuum. NO sticky residue is left behind to attract dirt.

Benefits of carpet cleaning method:
• One hour dry time
• Lifts and grooms the carpets
• Sanitizes and deodorizes with no extra cost
• Pad underneath stays dry
• Environmental friendly chemicals
• No hoses running through your home or business